UAB ALG Logistics offers dedicated 3 PL contract logistics services.
It includes complex service solutions tailored for a particular customer and his specific needs, including supply chain management ranging from orders to suppliers, deliveries to stores, warehouse operations, detailed accounting of goods, to delivery of goods to the final consignee (both natural and legal persons).



At the customer’s request, UAB ALG Logistika team can arrange the supply of goods to the warehouse. In this case, the customer has to negotiate the supply terms with the supplier and the orders of goods are developed by the ALG staff according to the systematic documents generated by the warehouse management program based on the algorithm evaluating the sales history, stock trade balances, transport times and delivery schedules. The service can be performed by arranging the supply of goods to retail outlets.

Delivery of goods to warehouses

Goods are transported to warehouses by the partners of UAB ALG Logistika. An appropriate partner is carefully selected subject to the supplier’s location and the most optimal method of transport (road, sea, air, rail transport). All cargoes are insured by the carrier’s third party liability insurance (with optional additional insurance). Goods are transported in small and large batches and in full loads, or according to the customer’s request.


Warehouse management programs used by UAB ALG Logistika allow detailed accounting of goods at different levels:

  • Product code (SKU);
  • Batch No
  • Best before date;
  • Serial No etc.


Warehouse services

The services include the procedures of receipt, storage, issuance of goods and are customised to the needs of customers. Detailed description of services: Warehousing

Delivery of goods

UAB ALG Logistika arranges order deliveries subject to the customer needs and assignments.

Transportation of goods from the warehouse is performed by the partners of UAB ALG Logistika, to ensure proper and timely delivery of goods ranging from smallest items and ending with full loads. More information about deliveries in Lithuania: Transportation